Coton de Tulear Standard Grooming

Some Coton owners are sometimes unsure as to what type of dog grooming they wanted for their dog. So dog groomers would usually do the standard haircut which aims to make them see better and look good -- giving a sanitary trim, shaving the hair between the eyes, and leaving the rest of the beautiful hair alone.

But, we should keep in mind that a Coton de Tulear's hair is their sunscreen. A Coton's hair should grow over their eyes to prevent cataracts. It would be best to keep the bangs just about the eyelashes, cut it short, and let the longer pieces hang over their eyes. This will allow Cotons to have a normal sight and their eyes will not produce staining tears.

A Coton de Tulear Needs to Socialize

Breeders and owners have reported uncharacteristic aggression and/or fearfulness of some Cotons. Unfriendly by nature, Coton de Tulear needs extensive socialization to people and needs exposure to unusual sights and sounds. Otherwise, they can become more shy and suspicious which can be difficult to be dealt with in the long run.

Also, Coton de Tulear puppies are not suitable to small children no matter how well a child shows good intentions. A child may give comfort to Cotons yet can be clumsy sometimes -- they accidentally step on, sat on, rolled on, squeeze, or drop a puppy. Even Coton adults may feel overwhelmed by loud voices or quick movements that kids would make and distressing a dog may be the result.