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coton de tulear informationCoton de Tulear History

The Coton de Tulear (pronounced "coe-TAWN day tool-ee-are"), which means "Cotton dog of the Malagasy Port City of Tulear". Tulear was once a popular port of merchant ships sailing the Indian Ocean, and it is believed that around the 15th or 16th century, European merchants introduced various Bichon-type companion dogs to Madagascar. It is one of the few African purebred dogs that has obtained popularity. The breed is descended from the now-extinct Coton de Reunion, a breed brought to Mauritius by sailors–including pirates–during the 16th Century. It is presumed that because of their beauty and affectionate personality, these dogs were offered to the King and Malagasy nobles. In the 17th century, the Coton de Tulear was adopted by the ruling "Merina" tribal monarchy, and it was forbidden that anyone other than royalty own the breed. Thus became the breed’s prevalent title of "Royal Dog of Madagascar." The breed was strengthened through crossbreeding with wild hunting dogs. The Malagasy value the Coton as a companion and a symbol of wealth. Dr. Robert Jay Russell, a biologist studying lemurs on Madagascar, exported the first Cotons to North America in 1974. The breed was imported into Europe three years later.

Coton de Tulear TemperamentCoton de Tulear Temperament

A Coton de Tulear is a typical bichon-type dog. They are intelligent, cheerful, alert, curious and easily-trained. These happy, spunky, affectionate, gentle and friendly Coton de Tulear dogs enjoy human companionship. Coton De Tulears are extremely willing to please its master and is very loyal to his family, the Coton always wants to be in their presence and tries its best to please. They are very sociable dogs that gets along with children, with other dogs and other animals. But early socialization is still recommended. The Coton de Tulear makes a great watchdog. Full of tricks and surprises to fulfill his master’s every wish. One of their most endearing traits is a tendency to jump and walk on their hind legs. Their teasing expressions enhance any home willing to spend a few moments a day in the necessary play and grooming routines. The Coton de Tulear learns quite quickly but can occasionally be a little bit stubborn. Although they are intelligent and eager to work, they do have a mind of their own. A Coton is known by the nickname of "anti-stress dog." Coton de Tulear puppies are also known for their beauty and happy-go-lucky dispositions. Perhaps the best characteristic of the Coton is its soothing and calm nature, and its ability to settle down and relax when you do.